Thursday, June 2, 2011

My voice

My voice isn't very present today.  Not my literal one; that's doing fine.  But the one inside me that tells me what to write.  (Did that sound creepy?  It wasn't supposed to.)  It doesn't help that I've been exhausted all day, and Lilly threw up twice this morning during breakfast.  We met V and her girls at a park, then followed them back to the girls' house for lunch.  I love doing lunch there, though I'm tempted to bring the twins' chairs.  Them sitting in regular dining room chairs for an entire meal is...somewhat accomplishable.

Tomorrow night will be good.  It will be V, Bug, Andrew, and me, and then the little ones will go to sleep.  They are the closest to "our" kids of the ones we watch.  A facebook status of mine said "watched one of 'my' kids..." and their mom commented saying, "I see those quotes, miss.  My kids go missing, I'm coming straight to you," or something along those lines.  So evenings at their house with my love feel right.

I wish I could accidentally get knocked up.  (The sane part of me is so glad I can't.)  Instead, I just go blow $15 at a thrift store to, uh, ease the pain.  At least I get good deals.

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