Thursday, June 9, 2011


A very dear friend of mine, who attended V's and my wedding, recently wrote a blog post that almost made me cry.  Not just because she talks about our wedding, but because she gets it.  She gets that love is what matters when it comes to people.  I knew she got it; she got it before we did, but seeing it spelled out in such beautiful language is heart-warming.

I posted it to my facebook page, and a friend has reposted it, and there's a comment on his from someone I don't know, saying she is sharing it as well.  I don't know where all it will go.  I know it's touching the people who are commenting on my page: touching, a word I'm trying to reclaim from my Pentecostal upbringing, I must say.  (And Touched By an Angel.)

Please go read Hand in hand in Hand; bask for a moment in the community and joy found by truly taking someone's hand.

And now, off to Kindermusik.

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