Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This week is hectic.  V has started classes - just a summer session of undergrad, but it means she's gone Monday through Thursday evenings.  I babysat last night and am doing tonight and tomorrow as well, then we both are (for Bug and Andrew) on Friday, along with some friends.

I absolutely love when people come stay with us, and these are some of our closest friends, so I can't wait.  Plus they get to meet the amazing Bug and Andrew.  Of course, the house has turned into a disaster because we've been busy every weekend and we're both still trying to get used to V being gone all the time.  So between Bug this morning, and watching Essie and Anne tonight so V can go to class, I'm cleaning like a crazy person.  I made an eighteen point checklist, and I've done ten.  Unfortunately, now I have to shower and go meet V, dropping stuff at the thrift store on the way.

So basically, this is my breather, and now it's over.

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