Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dinner with Bug

I love Bug.  I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge, but still.  What she drives me crazy with sometimes, she more than makes up for with her charm.  Tonight at dinner I had to prompt her every time to say please, but she said thank you every time I handed her a bite, as well as to the waitress when she took the plates and refilled drinks.  And she ordered for herself (with me prompting) - chicken, applesauce.

She said hi to everyone who walked by our table.  She sat patiently waiting for dinner (as patiently as a two year old will: crayons and books were involved).  She ate a great dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed the cookies and ice cream after (her grin was adorable).  No one would ever guess she usually goes to bed at eight, when we didn't leave the restaurant until almost quarter till nine.

Can I keep her?

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