Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day

This morning, V woke up me by bringing in pancakes, smoothies, and orange juice.  And then she said, "Happy mother's day!"  After asking her whether I got knocked up without knowing it, I dove into what was an absolutely delicious breakfast.

There are many, many hardworking mothers who deserve a breakfast in bed.  We work for some of them (yes, you can have a nanny and still be a hardworking mom).  I'm just a nanny - though I've written before about how I feel like a surrogate mother every day.  But even more than that, V told me that she grew up with a slightly creepy religious tradition that honored all women on Mother's Day.  Yes, it smacks of "you will grow up to bear lots of babies!"; it's also, though, a celebration of women in general.  I think I can be included in that.

Plus, it's just been a rough week, and she wanted to pamper me.  So, we think she's a keeper, right?  And that she's going to make an incredible mommy/mama/choose term here?

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