Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just one

I'm used to having the twins, or Bug and Andrew, and V is used to having Essie and Anne, that when there's just one kid around, it feels so simple.

Bug and Andrew's mom is away tonight, and their dad asked for some help.  V and I are going to "help" by going over, putting Andrew to bed, and taking Bug out to dinner with us.  Sure, it'll be a bit trying (Bug always manages to be), but just one kid?  And two adults?  This is a breeze.

And yes.  I've been babysitting way too much lately.  Mondaymorning.  Mondayafternoon. Tuesdaymorning. Tuesdaynight. Wednesdaymorning. Wednesdaynight. Thursdaymorning. Thursdaynight. Fridaymorning/afternoon. Fridaynight. Sundayevening. Mondaymorning. Mondayafternoon...

This weekend I'm off, but it's because we'll be with V's family for her brother's wedding.  I think I'd rather have the kids.

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