Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This morning the twins and I tried a Kindermusik class.  I sent a four-paragraph report email to their parents, but the gist of it is that the class was wonderful.  Great teacher (much better than the terrible library storytime we tried yesterday), Lilly had a blast, Patrick even warmed up a bit by the end, and the other kids/moms were super friendly.  One mom spent awhile telling me how her daughter was as shy as my kids looked, and she credits Kindermusik with bringing her out of her shell as much as she has.  I basically heard nothing but positives.

The teacher asked me if the twins looked like mom or dad, and I pointed to Patrick and said, "Oh, he definitely looks like mom."  The mom I'd been talking to piped in with, "Not to disagree, but he doesn't look a thing like you."  That's the first time that's blatantly happened, and of course I liked it; I told her I wish I could claim the kids, but I'm the nanny.

This teacher really knew what she was doing, though.  She said she'd been doing it for thirteen years or so, and she loved the program: both facts were evident.  She related to the kids, she paused to make sure they were okay, or if they were talking about something else, she gently guided them without being pushy.  Yesterday, at the library we went to, the storytime lady was clueless.  She was determined to get through her agenda, distractions (i.e. kids) notwithstanding, and didn't seem to enjoy herself.

We may go try a gymnastics class, but I'm really hoping we get to go back.  I think it'll be great for the kids, and even I really enjoyed it.  Here's to hoping.

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