Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's raining and cold, for the millionth day in a row, and I'm not feeling well.  I'm still fighting some sort of cold/sore throat/ear pressure/headache thing that I picked up from V, and it's just not a great day to entertain toddlers.

Good thing I have something else to do that for me.  Sometime last year, V and I found a big pop-up play tunnel at the thrift store for $3.  It's probably close to two feet in diameter, has little mesh "windows", and our cats fell in love.  They stopped using the carpet next to where we put it up in the living room, and instead ran through the tunnel to get from the hall to the kitchen.  When we tried to put it away, they threw a kitty-fit (is that the real meaning of a hissy-fit?).

About a month ago, we actually managed to take the tunnel down, thanks to some new toy bribes.  I'm very glad to have my living room back.  This morning, I grabbed the tunnel on my way to the twins', figuring I could let them have fun with it; I'm pretty sure they've never encountered a tunnel before.

Boy did this ever work.  They crawl in and "lie down take nap!"; they carry their blankies and toys through it; they spent the first fifteen minutes just taking turns crawling through it.  It's been over half an hour, and I've only had to intervene once.  Watching them is just priceless.  I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing this back.  (Though I still do want the rain to go away.)

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