Monday, May 30, 2011

Home again, home again

We arrived back at our house around 1:30 last night, after leaving the reception just before 7.  We needed today at home.

The wedding actually went fairly well.  Family behaved, and as long as I ignored the near altar-call mid-ceremony, and the creepy "he's the head of the house" "you promise to be his helper, his supporter, etc" language.  The reception hall was adorable; V was adorable; even I felt adorable.  Everyone (except the two of us) cried.  But her parents treated me much better yesterday than they had on Friday, and I think we both enjoyed ourselves, for the most part.

Now it's into another week, full of busy-ness as usual.  But I'm off from the twins tomorrow, and V only works a half day and doesn't have class.  We're going to go out in the evening to celebrate.

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