Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding blues

V and I are leaving tomorrow morning to go see her brother's wedding.  And her entire extended family, and the entire church, and...lots of people I don't want to see.

Whine whine, I know.  It's just frustrating, because her mother has been all about this wedding for months.  A friend of ours expressed utter astonishment when she learned that neither of our parents gave us a wedding gift (though my dad did put us up for the honeymoon, but that was technically a belated graduation gift); the contrasts between our wedding and this one are vast.

We're staying in a hotel, partially to be closer to the venue, but also because her mother is still "not comfortable" with our relationship or the idea of us sharing a room.  In our minds, we've been married almost three months.  Before the wedding was one thing; V's brother and his fiance also could not share a room.  But now, that should be past.  So,because it isn't, we found a cheap hotel.  We are looking forward to that much: getting away for a night and spending it in a hotel should be fun.  Hopefully some other part of this weekend will be, too.

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