Monday, May 30, 2011


With V working till 5:30 every day, plus being in classes for the next month, I've been wanting to pick up some afternoon jobs if possible.

Well.  I think I accidentally broadcast that via telepathic satellite to all the moms I've ever sat for.

First, Seth and Isabella's mom asked me if I could swing a few hours one afternoon a week.  She's only become a stay at home mom in the past seven or eight months, and now that Seth is out of preschool for the summer, she wants a scheduled break.  We settled on Thursday afternoons, since Mondays and Fridays I have Bug and Andrew.

Then, I got another email from a mom.  She has two-and-a-half year old twin girls; V sat for them a lot in the evenings, but now with her in classes, I've "taken" them for the time being.  I sat one evening, and then she emailed me asking if I could do occasional Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons so she could go run errands.

Then, I got an email from another twin mom who V and I have both sat for.  Patrick and Lilly's mom has advertised us to her twins' group, and it's certainly paid off.  This mom also has twin girls, just over three, and recently had another baby girl who is about seven weeks now.  She'd like me to watch her kids (mostly just the baby, since the older girls will be napping) Wednesday afternoons.

I'm currently waiting to hear back from a few of them to set things in motion, but I have a teeny tiny hunch that my schedule is filling up...

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