Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I checked my email after ten hours away from home, and had emails from three moms.  The twins' mom was tossing out summer class ideas (looks like gymnastics might win over kindermusik); a mom we sat for occasionally over the winter needs someone in a few weeks; one of V's regular families asked her to sit and she passed them on to me, so that mom contacted me too.

This is why I have word documents and saved emails and excel spreadsheets out the wazoo (does anyone say that anymore?).  Childcare isn't all toys and snacks, you know.

Moments like this are why I absolutely love doing things for people:
Bug's mom, as she giving Bug a bath, to me: You can head home if you want, unless there's any random straightening up you want to do. The dishwasher's clean...
Me: No it isn't. It's full of dinner's dishes.
The look she gave me was priceless, as was the fact that I think she called me a sneak or stinker or something.  I love it.

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