Friday, May 27, 2011


The rehearsal and dinner is over - long since, actually.  It was good to see V's brother and his fiance again; I think they actually enjoyed seeing us too.  V is a bridesmaid, and I've been invited to get ready with them in the morning.  I really appreciate that.

My "mother-in-law" on the other hand...  I use the quotes because she would have a lot to say about my use of the term.  From what V overheard earlier, her mom referred to me as a friend of the family.  I hate to break it to her, but I'm married to her daughter.  She's been rather frosty toward both of us.  Still oh-so-glad to see us, and we live way too far away...and then she's back to obsessing about the wedding and pretending I don't exist and her daughter is still a blond Christian ballerina.

It feels to both of us like she's just gotten set in her faith.  She loves us and all, but we're wrong.  That's just the end of that.  I know she's excited for her son to get married, but the blatant fawning is a bit excessive.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.  We're driving back home after the reception (quick turnaround, I know), and in the meantime we're treating our time in the car and our hotel room as a mini-vacation, since we haven't seen each other much lately.  A vacation spent making an adorable wedding banner for the reception tomorrow, but still a vacation.  And it is good.

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