Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh the germs

This post was written yesterday, but Blogger has been down.  So here's your Thursday post...

Patrick is a germaphobe.  He's about as far from the two-year-old boy stereotype as it's possible to get.

The twins just got a playhouse in their backyard, and it's on a piece of patio across the grass.  Patrick asks me, every time, to carry him across the grass.  My new rule is that if he wants to play in the house, he has to get there himself.  I'll hold his hand, but I'm not going to carry him.

He also won't go within one foot of an ant.  Usually he can identify them, but sometimes they fall under the general category "Spider!!" (always said with the two exclamation points).  You can imagine how interesting this makes playing outside in a shaded, wooded backyard.

My favorite today was when he took a plastic lemon from the fruit bin in the playhouse, and threw it into the yard.  He knows he's not supposed to do that, so I told him that he needed to go get it before he could play any more.  Oh boy.  He stood on the edge of the patio, staring away from me, for three or four minutes.  At last, he gingerly stepped into the grass, tiptoed over to the lemon, picked up it with two fingers, shook it off in the air, and said, "Ew!"  It should be noted that the lemon looked perfectly uncontaminated to my obviously-naive eyes.

He then returned to playing like nothing strange had happened.
(He does definitely get some of this from their mother.  But still.  It's ridiculously hilarious, or hilariously ridiculous.)

The other great moment of today was when Lilly picked up a pretend phone and said into it, "Hi V how you doing? Hi Essie how you doing? Essie? Essie? ESSIE?! You there??"  I'm hoping we can do a playdate with them tomorrow.

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